Dropship Programme

What is Dropship Agent / Reseller?

Drop shipping is a method in which seller does not keep the goods in stock, the goods will ship from us directly to your customer. 
You’re NOT require to start a business with huge amount of capitals, just need to upload our products to your selling platform and sell! 
Selling plateform such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Website and more! 


You Sell it, We Pack it, We Ship it!
Less Work, Flexible Time, Work from home with immediate earning!



Our DropShip Programme




REASONS WHY to become BeautyOne DropShip Agent!


1. To ensure you have Safe Deal with us
     We promise NOT to enclose any our information to your customer
      Shipment will NOT use any packaging that content our LOGO (Unless Special Request by you!)

2. You can customize the sender information
    Even you have few agents under you, you can still add their info as sender.

3. NO SIGN UP / Registration FEES to join as agent

4. NO need to worry about the risk of stocking up costly stock.

5. Save your TIME and MONEY
     On second packaging, we will do all the re-packing with plastic beg WITHOUT our logo.
     On Stock inventory.


Besides, we also provide!


6. Variety of products
    For you to target on different customers for you to grab more sales!!!

7. Photos with NO water mark
    Can be easily downloaded directly from our website.

8. FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia
    For each order RM100 and more.

9. Extra Shopping Credit 
     Given according to each top up amount.

10. NO Expiry on Shopping Credit

11, NO GST will be change on all products.

12. NO Minimum Order
       Sell and Earn as much as you can!



VIP Dropship Agent - Monthly CASH Reward!


Earn As Much As You Can!

For dropship agent who achieve RM5000 Total Sales or Above in 30 Days!

We are giving out EXTRA RM500 Cash as REWARD!



1) Dropship Agent A - Purchase RM5000 VIP Packages, She / He Achieve RM5000 or more total Sales in 30 Days.

    Dropshop Agent A will Get: RM500 Cash Reward + RM1000 Shopping Credit + Free Shipping (each order RM100 and above)


2) Dropship Agent B - Do Not Purchase RM5000 VIP PackagesShe / He Achieve RM5000 or more  total Sales in 30 Days.

     Dropshop Agent B will Get: RM500 Cash Reward + Free Shipping (each order RM100 and above)


3) Dropship Agent C - Purchase RM5000 VIP Packages, She / He Achieve Less than RM5000 total Sales in 30 Days.

     Dropshop Agent C will Get: RM1000 Shopping Credit + Free Shipping (each order RM100 and above)


Our Dropship Packages

Check it out! All DropshipPackages








Now, TOP UP your shopping credit with Extra Shopping Credits given!!!

Simple to Place Order!

Just like normal customer, you’re require to:

1. Create an account > Sign In as "Member / Dropship Agent"

2. Adding the goods into the cart  (Click for Ref: How to Order Online)

3. Proceed to Check Out

4. Fill in your details as Sender/ Billing Details (Ref: Step 2)
    (IF the shipment is send to you, you can just tick at [Ship to billing address?] Then both information will be the same.
5. Fill in your customer details as Receiver / Delivery Details (Ref: Step 3)

6. Leave a message "Dropship"  to us in Order Note.(Ref: Step 4)

7. Place order!



Order Note - Dropship (We will send on behalf of you!)


You Sell it! We Sent it!