Sale (2 Sets) Silicone Nipple Cover

(2 Sets) Silicone Nipple Cover

Brand: Designer Inspired
Product Code: PAB-NB16
Delivery: 2 - 3 Days
MYR29.80 MYR25.00
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Ex Tax: MYR25.00

Silicone Nipple Cover

(Colour: One)
(Code; PAB-NB16)
(One Size)

RM14.90 (one Pair) / RM25 (2 Pairs)

COMFORTABLE: 100% hypoallergenic. Comfortable even on the most sensitive skin,you won't feel anything when wearing them.
SELF-ADHESIVE: Guaranteed secured fit all day or night long. Matte finish that blends seamlessly into skin and clothing.
REUSABLE: After each use, lightly wash the silicone nipple covers under warm water and mild soap. Store and reuse again.
VERSATILE: Suitable under crop tops, sports bra, t-shirts, backless, strapless and sheer dress, swimwear, and gowns.

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