How to Make Manual Order?

Interested to purchase items on  but you are not familiar with online purchase system?

Let's send us a Manual Order!

Below is Step-by-Step Guidance "How to make a Manual Order"

1) Pick your product

2) Fill In order details as below > Complete your payment
     Email details below to


Shipping Address:
Contact Number:

Product Name:
Product Code:
Sizes (If available):
Colour (if available):


Bank Name:
Bank In Date:
Banking Reference :
Bank In Amount :


3) Our Bank Details as below:



Bank Name: Maybank   
Account Holder Name: Pacific Inspiration Sdn.Bhd   
Bank Account Number: 512754504369


Bank Name: RHB
Account Holder Name: Pacific Inspiration Sdn.Bhd
Account Number: 21258100006416​



4) An email notification will be email to your mail box within ONE Working Day after your payment had been confirmed by our sales team.
    A gentle reminder, please bank in the correct amount.
    Any change owed to the customer will be returned in credit for your next purchase at (no expiry date).



For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us:


Thank you!